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Try the best hair extensions for thin hair today!

We have the best hair extensions for thin hair in Chicago!

Not only do we use the safest methods, we use the best brands! Some tape-in extension brands are known for their limited color selections, poor quality hair, excessive shedding, sticky residues and slipping wefts. We’ve had the misfortune of dealing with inferior brands in the past. Our go-to favorite tape-in brand is by easihair pro. Thier easiLengths product has a proprietary medical grade adhesive tape, which when applied by a certified easihair pro stylist ensures no slippage and almost no residue when removed. The hair is such amazing quality that it can be retaped several times in some cases. The weight of their panels are specifically calculated to ensure equal weight distribution and support over the sections of natural hair that they’re attached to. Our first priority is always the integrity of your natural strands, and easiLengths poses no threat of damage to hair that may already be fine or thinning.  

We know your time is precious, so we offer extensions services that can be done in minutes instead of the kind that take hours. The easiLengths tape-in hair extension system provides a new way to quickly add volume, length and color making your time in the salon shorter than ever before.


best hair extensions for thin hair in Chicago

Our Full Volume tape-in hair extension service is a popular option for clients looking to add just a few inches or to maintain their natural length and primarily add fullness. You can work with Lindsay Mills-Steffe, one of the top Hair Extension Specialists in Chicago, to get the best extensions for thin hair. Schedule your consultation today, and have the hair of your dreams tomorrow!

What Are The Best Hair Extensions in Chicago?

We love hair extensions because our preferred brands are the best hair extensions in Chicago. They’re seamlessly integrated with your natural locks and they look so natural your friends won’t know the difference!

Thin hair becomes luscious and thicker, limp hair gains body and volume, and short hair gets added length. Plus, with our favorite methods there is no damage to your natural hair. We use the safest hair extension methods on the market, so with proper at home care and maintenance the integrity of your natural strands  What could be better than a red carpet hair style achieved in a few short hours in the chair?

The biggest reason we love extensions is because they give us the ability to make our client’s hair fantasies come true! Everyday women just like you can have the celebrity hair style you’ve always wanted. For us, that’s what the beauty biz is all about!

To get the best hair extensions, it’s important to choose a salon that has been certified to do them, like us! With our years of experience comes expertise, and we only use the finest quality human hair brands and the safest hair extension methods available.

With unlimited color combinations and textures to choose from, we can easily match the extensions to your own natural hair. What does your dream hair look like? You don’t have to wait another day! If you’re looking for the best hair extensions in Chicago, CONTACT US  today and we’ll make your dreams a reality.

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Makeovers Using Klix Hair Extensions

Thinking about getting hair extensions in Chicago? Take a look at these before/after pics from my most recent hair makeover. I went from using a full package of Klix in an ultra light color and ultra long length, to a half package of Klix in a dark blonde ombré color more suited to the dreary winter months in a length that’s more manageable day-to-day. There were just a few changes made to my natural hair – a slightly darker base and a few lowlights through the crown.

Klix are very affordable hair extensions, starting at just $450 for a half pack. Klix are the safest hair extension method on the professional market today because it’s applied without heat or adhesive, but instead using silicone lined micro beads that are attached to the weft of hair. Almost anyone is a candidate for this type of application.

Schedule an Appointment to secure your free hair extension consultation today.

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The safest hair extension method on the market today!

Klix Hair Extensions are made from the finest quality 100% Remy Human Hair and are one of the safest hair extension methods on the market today. They were awarded a US Patent for their ingenuity and originality as the only movable and reusable permanent hair extension system on the professional market.

Klix Hair Extensions are skin-like wefts of hair that are attached to a client’s natural strands using silicone lined micro links that protect the hair. Because the sections of Klix are applied flat to the head, they look undeniably natural and are virtually undetectable. You are free to style your hair as usual and wearing Klix will not keep you from maintaining an active lifestyle.

The Klix Hair Extension application requires no heat, no glue, and no tape. The removal process chemical free, safe, easy and painless, and leaves the client’s hair in it’s original, pre-Klix condition. They truly are the safest hair extensions around!  Click the “Schedule an Appointment” link to the right to secure your free hair extension consultation today. You can have the hair of your dreams tomorrow!

Check out my dramatic before/after pics below:

Before/After Klix


We’re doing an October Deal on Brazilian Blowout!

With the weather cooling down this fall, it’s downright hazardous to your health to leave the house with wet hair in the frigid morning air. Wouldn’t you love to have effortlessly manageable locks and the freedom to blow dry your hair smooth in a fraction of the time you currently spend? Make your mornings hassle free just in time for the busy holiday season with a Brazilian Blowout!

This is the ONLY professional smoothing treatment that improves the health of the hair with No Damage! and No harsh chemicals! Through the use of a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex and a proprietary polymer system, the Brazilian Blowout actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The end result is smooth, healthy, frizz-free hair with radiant shine! 

Results of the treatment are immediate and last 14 or more weeks on average hair when maintained at home using the proper cleansing and hydrating products. Take advantage of our October Deal and you can get those products for FREE! This special offer is an $80 value and will ensure the longevity of your amazing new style.

This deal is only valid for appointments that are booked through 10/31/2012, so call or go online to schedule your treatment TODAY, and put an end to bad hair days!

Hair Tips and Tricks from 7 of the World’s Best Tressed Style Bloggers

In an age driven by the World Wide Web, you can find almost anything you need with a quick visit to Google. I remember just a couple of years ago I heard the word “blog” and was clueless as to what it meant, but was sure it would never be relevant to me. Now there are folks out there who make their living by disseminating information into the blogosphere, and I appreciate them more and more every day for the ease in which I can get the news that I crave.

Recently, one of my favorite websites,, posted a collection of hair tips and tricks of style bloggers from around the world. If there’s one thing they all agreed on, it’s that their hair is the very best, make-it-or-break-it accessory. Click on the photo below to read the full article and to score some tricks to add to your own hair styling repertoire.



Join me in welcoming our new stylists and a new, organic color line!

I am so pleased to introduce you to the newest members of the Alter Ego family: Kari Ellis and Becca Thieme! Together they have over 25 years experience in the industry, and are both very passionate about the art and science of hairdressing. Check back to the Our Talent page on our website soon to see their stylist profiles!

With our new additions come many exciting changes, including extended business hours which are listed on our Contact Us page. We are now open every day except Sunday, which means more opportunities that we can better serve you!

We are also proud to be offering our new All-Nutrient haircolor system which is formulated with a natural base of vegetable oils and keratin protein, is made with Certified Organics and Renewable Rainforest Resources, and is manufactured in the USA.

All-Nutrient’s Maximum Pigment System utilizes a double pigment system that ensures longer lasting haircolor which creates more dimension, more depth and much less fading. The multi-dimensional molecular structure of their Microprotein System allows the color to thoroughly penetrate all levels of the hair shaft, making it last much longer while keeping the hair healthier. This complex system remains the best possible 100% vegan hair keratin based color line with no animal by products.

These changes are just the first of more to come in the following months, so make sure to “like” us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with upcoming promotions.

Please have a safe St. Paddy’s Day weekend, enjoy our unseasonably warm weather and as always, have a great hair day!


Information about online booking

I appreciate all my loyal clients/friends and the patience you all have shown during the transition to the new online booking site. I am always looking for new ways to become more efficient and streamlined in my day-to-day operations, and I truly think that this system will just keep getting better.

Though there have been times that the product has not worked exactly according to plan and a couple of cases of my human error, we have all kept calm and carried on. It seems that perfection requires patience for all of us at times, and I could not be more grateful for your understanding.

Some great features of this new system are the appointment confirmation and reminders via email and text. Please note that if you think you booked an appointment online, but did not immediately receive an email with “New Appointment Notification” in the subject line, it means that your appointment was not booked. The system will “time out” if there is an extended delay in the booking process. If this happens, you should be able to log back in and schedule again. You will get an email as soon as your appointment is booked, then again as a reminder 48 hours in advance.

For those of you who haven’t tried booking an appointment online, I hope you do soon. As always, I hope you’re having a great hair day!


Lindsay Steffe


Stay cool and chic this summer with braids!

Hair Salon BraidsYou’ve seen it on the red carpet, and even for casual days out and about… celebrities are rocking this trend for day and night. There are even salons in West Hollywood that are offering “braiding bar” services!

You don’t have to be a celebrity to try this style today. There are videos all over the internet on braiding how-tos. My favorite (but also the most challenging) is the fishtail braid.

The best thing about braids is that the style can be imperfect and a bit undone and still be very chic. Fortunately this style tends to work best on those of us that are typically plagued with frizz in this terribly humid weather.

Try a braid today, and stay cool in this crazy summer heat!

April showers bring May flowers… and frizzy hair! Eliminate your bad hair days this spring with Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout in Hollywood!It looks like spring is finally here – so temperatures are on the rise, and frizz is in the air. Take control of your locks and enjoy hassle free hair this season with a Brazilian Blowout!

Not to be confused with Brazilian Keratin, Japanese Thermal Straightening, Keratin Complex or a chemical relaxer Brazilian Blowout is a name brand and is the ONLY professional smoothing treatment that improves the health of the hair with No Damage! and No Harsh Chemicals! and is safe for all hair types – including hair that has been colored, permed, relaxed, highlighted or bleached.

The results are immediate and last up to 12 weeks with NO down time! You will have the ability to blow dry your hair in a fraction of the time you’re currently investing, and humidity, rain or sweat will no longer affect the longevity of your style.

We were overwhelmed with the positive response of our clients to the Introductory Offer we did in November. Clients could not say enough about how easy their lives became after having this treatment. If you kicked yourself all winter for missing out on the special, now is your time to act!

Schedule your Brazilian Blowout between now and Easter and get $50 off the regular price of $250 AND take 20% off the home maintenance products. You’ll thank us for it in May!